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Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction from Bridgeside Medical Clinic

May 18, 2022 Calm, Cool and Connected Season 1 Episode 180
Calm, Cool and Connected - The Guide Book to Peace of Mind
Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction from Bridgeside Medical Clinic
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Erectile dysfunction, or “ED” for short, is way more common than people realize. Up to 40% of men are effected by ED by the time they hit 40!

Bridgeside Medical Clinic offers a non-invasive approach to treating erectile dysfunction, without having to have surgery, get injections OR take pills! Andrew Rinehart joins us to explain more.

Key Takeaways from Liz’s chat with Andrew:

• Hear about Andrew’s role at Bridgeside
• Learn what exactly erectile dysfunction is, and how it effects people
• Find out what some of the most common causes for ED are, and ways to prevent it
• Discover how Bridgeside Medical Clinic’s treatment is different than traditional ED treatments 
• Hear how Bridgeside’s treatment helps to restore spontaneous intimacy

All of this and more, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

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Dr. Liz: [00:00:00] Now more than ever. We have an opportunity to be a positive force in the world to help heal the divide, to treat each other and ourselves with respect. Well, there's so many tools out there from meditation to physical training, proper nutrition therapy, and so many others. We all need a little help navigating all the options.

Join us as we share in-depth information, insights and thought provoking discussions that will help answer your questions about how to stay calm, cool, and connected. During these times. Welcome to calm, cooling, connected your guidebook to peace of mind.

 Hello and welcome to calm, cooling connected. I'm your host, Dr.

Elizabeth Bedrick erectile dysfunction is much more common than people talk about, or even really. And statistics indicate that about 40% of men are affected by EDD by the age of 40. And that this rate increases to 70% by the age of 70. And then development of interaction includes the complex integration of one cytologic neurological and doctrine [00:01:00] vascular and even local on anomic system.

So it's knowing that there's so many systems involved in this. There are a plethora of reasons for erectile dysfunction and joining us today is Andrew Reinhart from bridge side medical clinic. Andrew is here to talk with us about the impact of erectile dysfunction on one's mental health and ways that this can be treated.

I, Andrew, welcome 

Andrew: to. Hello. Thanks for having me. Good to see you. Yes. Good 

Dr. Liz: to see you again. So great to have you, so tell us a little bit about yourself and your role there at bridge side. Before we 

Andrew: get start. Well, I am one of the medical technicians. I work side-by-side with our doctors performing some treatments.

I've traveled all over the country, working with this technology, helping men with ed, essentially. We believe that our mission, our crusade is to get men off of the pill and get them back to more natural function in the. 

Dr. Liz: Absolutely a good mission. Indeed. Tell us what exactly is erectile dysfunction.

How would [00:02:00] you describe this and how does it impact them? 

Andrew: Well, I would describe ed or erectile dysfunction as any kind of failure in the bedroom. Typically blood flow related most of the ed out there is caused by damaged blood vessels as a result of maybe diabetes or prostate issues, but damaged blood vessels and restricted blood flow.

So whether it's mild, moderate, or severe, if you're experiencing failures in the bedroom, maybe you're reaching for that pill more than you'd like to be. That is likely erectile dysfunction. And although I hate to say this, typically it gets worse as we age progressively, those blood vessels get a little more damaged.

Dr. Liz: Absolutely. And that is actually what the research indicates that that is the most. Common variable is age and that it does increase as someone ages. And so tell us more though, in the, in the intro, I had talked about that there are these multiple systems that are involved [00:03:00] in the development of an erection.

What are you seeing to be some of the most common or even preventable? So to speak ways. somebody experiencing this type of issue. Is there something they can be doing about it? Something preventative. Tell us more about 

Andrew: that. Well, I think healthy living is the most important. We don't often think that maybe our diet is connected to erectile dysfunction.

I believe it is so healthy living. Keep in mind anything that can clog arteries or clogged blood vessel. That will lead to erectile dysfunction. We often think of the heart. Of course. Well, there are blood vessels everywhere. And in this part of the body, the blood vessels are tiny. So anything can disrupt them.

Healthy living, healthy eating exercise. As a preventative measure is obviously. Okay. And those 

Dr. Liz: are, I mean, that's great, great ideas. I mean, staying hydrated, physical activity, all of those things are incredibly beneficial. And then once [00:04:00] the issue is already taking place, and as you're saying, most people will get a prescription they'll reach for the pill to combat these issues.

Tell us how your treatment is different. What is different about the service and the treatment that you provide? 

Andrew: Well bridge side medical clinic uses a technology to treat erectile dysfunction. So it's not a pill. I believe this is a major medical breakthrough in. It's called wave therapy. It's a technology that delivers pressure waves through the skin, into the blood vessels, causing those blood vessels clinically to open up and expand.

As you can imagine, that does great things to life in the bedroom. It improves circulation enough. We can get rid of the ed. We do it with no pills, no injections and no side effects which is a great thing. So spontaneity really is what can be. 

Dr. Liz: Oh, and that's such a great point. And that's even a lot of the clients who I work with who this is maybe one of the struggles in their relationships.

They talk about that the, whether it's the [00:05:00] embarrassment or the lack of spontaneity, because they have to take this preventative or, you know, this measure of prior. So that's a great point that, that probably you probably see with your patients a big difference in the quality of their intimacy because of that.

Andrew: Yeah, that's exactly right. Men are pausing to take a glass of water and a pill, or they're trying to play a big timing game, skipping a meal. So it hits the system harder. All of these things, which often leads to disappointment or even more stress when those intimate moments arrive, this technology repairs, the blood vessels, so that the blood can flow naturally during intimate moments when the timing is right.

And as far as I know, it's the first and only thing that treats the root cause problem of a tissue. Wow. 

Dr. Liz: That's really neat. I'm sure it's such a relief for so many people. Tell us what the treatment process, how many treatments are involved. What is the length of a treatment? Tell us more about that. 

Andrew: Well, Cambridge university studied this exact question.

They [00:06:00] said the average man needs a few sessions over about two to three. That's pretty average. Now each treatment is 10 to 15 minutes. We call it the lunchbreak treatment. In fact, there's no downtime, no recovery. You'll walk out of the clinic feeling totally normal. So you don't have to worry about interrupting your day.

So a few treatments, two to three weeks is pretty normal. 

Dr. Liz: Okay. And so tell us, you know, erectile dysfunction can be a really uncomfortable topic for a lot of people. And I know that my clients express that, like I was saying, the embarrassment. How do you make this a little less awkward or uncomfortable for your patients when they 

Andrew: come in?

Well, there are so many ways we do this first. It's a discreet and confidential environment. That's important. The second is you'll meet with a male medical provider that often puts the patient at ease, and sometimes it puts the significant other or the partner at ease. So we do it for those reasons, but here's the big.

Going to the pharmacy and taking a pill. That is what is [00:07:00] embarrassing about ed and having to do that for the rest of your life. So we're actually taking all of the negatives out of treating the problem. When we repair the blood vessels, you shouldn't have to stress about the pill supplements, maybe even the injections.

Some men go as far as surgery. So think two to three weeks you're done with these treatments. What would your relationship, what would your life, frankly, look. Yeah. What 

Dr. Liz: a relief for so many people, I'm sure. Are you guys doing any sort of promotion or tell us a little bit about, you know, somebody who's maybe considering moving forward with this treatment, what does that look like?

What type of promotion might you be running right now? 

Andrew: Well, we certainly are 70% of men with ed do not seek treatment out of embarrassment. We assume that the relationship is suffering as a result. So we don't want men to be in that 70%. If you are, your man are struggling. Call us now we'll do the assessment exam and the blood flow ultrasound at no charge with zero obligation.

[00:08:00] You'll get a gift that produces results in the bedroom in minutes, just for coming in. It's very popular. Guys. Love that worth. Hundreds of dollars. Call us now. We'll do it all. Totally. 

Dr. Liz: And tell me, give me just a little bit piece of feedback that you get, you know, your patients are coming in and they've done a couple of treatments.

Just give us a little bit of an idea of how people are feeling and what they relayed back to 

Andrew: you after. Well, we have hundreds of stories from our patients. What's kind of cool lately is we're seeing a lot of the spouses give us feedback. We had the wife of a patient last week. They had just finished treatments with her husband.

She said they started treatments, feeling like roommates. They ended feeling like lovers. So this is so great to hear ed. Let's not forget it affects. Yes, 

Dr. Liz: what a beautiful thing that intimacy is so important in a relationship. How can our viewers find you and learn more about you? What's your contact information.

Online, social media 

Andrew: call the number on your screen. You can also go to bridge [00:09:00] side medical that has the scientific data has some links to the social media, the best way to qualify for that offer. Call the number on your screen. You can come in, go through all of that process. Totally. 

Dr. Liz: Well, thank you so much for being with us today, Andrew.

I really appreciate it. Thanks for having me and thank you for tuning into this episode of calm, cooling, connected. Please find us on Instagram and Facebook and also rate and subscribe to our podcast so that others can discover our content as well. Thank you again for joining us on this episode of calm, cooling, connected. .